Joseph (Hazrat Yusuf) Ruler of Egypt

Joseph (Hazrat Yusuf) Ruler of Egypt

Contents: 1x DVD

This film shows the life o Hazrat Yusuf, Ruler of Eqypt. You will see how God rescued him from his brothers' plot to kill him, and how he was sold as a slave in Eygpt. You will see how he was unjustly thrown into prison, and then how God brought him out and made him ruler of Eygpt. You will see how Hazrat Yusuf saved the people of Egypt and the surrounding nations from famine. And you will see what happened when he recognised his brothers during their visit to Egypt to buy grain.

Each word of the film is a translation from the first part of the Taurat sharif (Genesis) that came down upon the prophet Hazrat Musa. The life of Hazrat Ysufu is found in Genesis chapters 37 to 50.

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